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TeenBlab Spring/Summer 2013 Trends
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  Teen Fashion Trends For Spring & Summer 2013

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Girls Trending STYLE: Spring/Summer 2013

Pinky Rose Must-Haves... Click to Enlarge

Shades of pink – that marked the color blocking trend – promise to continue until summer 2013. Make sure to have various unique pieces such as pants, skirts, shirts, accessories and even a pink lipstick to give life into your look. Strong and vibrant colors like red are also on the rise.


Military Parka Styles... Click to Enlarge

Military parka styles have officially joined the female wardrobe as a neutral piece that allows various combinations. In summer 2013 the parka will serve to neutralize prints and bold colors on cooler days


Leather Pieces... Click to Enlarge

Yes. Pieces from leather will keep everything in summer 2013. Synthetics are valued because they are thinner and lighter. Try on some shorts, skirts, pants and jackets to give more elegant air to your summery look.


Pairing Set Attire... Click to Enlarge

Set of attire pairing has been taking over the runways as they promise to continue for some time. Unlike the previous summer – where the tendency was to have mixed prints – this time the mono-print look promises more on the female wardrobe. The prints range from floral until gingham or plaid. Be creative and choose the set that suits you.


Candy color... Click to Enlarge

Pastel colors that marked in this winter will still continue for next spring summer. The colors that come with fresh and feminine aura will be a great trend for the next season. Make sure you have them tone on tone to make the look more harmonious.


Closed Shirt Look... Click to Enlarge

Appearance of stones, studs and pearls along with the shirts closed until collar promise to continue in summer 2013. The fabrics are lighter, but the collar is still used as an accessory to the look. Try on citrus colors and lighter fabrics like silk and chiffon.


Silky Shirt Trend... Click to Enlarge

Silk shirts have already become an essential item in the wardrobe of every woman. By having a lightweight trim, they can be used to compose summer outfits with pants, skirts and shorts, fashion your look with shirts in lighter shades that will hit next season.


Printed Pants... Click to Enlarge

These pants will definitely hit the next summer fashion items, and will be the hottest items for the season. Have some of them in floral prints, abstract, animal print in citrus colors to rock the summer 2013.


White Outfits... Click to Enlarge

Just like black, white and light tones will remain high in every summer. The total white looks will be attending the hottest season of the year. Enjoy abusing dresses, outfits, shirts and shorts made of lightweight fabrics with trim.


Tailored Pieces... Click to Enlarge

The tailored pieces are classic and promise to stay for the next season. For summer 2013 the colors will be explored in well structured pieces and made with a thinner and lighter fabric. Enjoy your blazer to acquire and assemble a summer look classic and elegant.


Spring-Summer 2013 Footwear Trends
See what the leading footwear designs, materials,  shapes, colors, patterns and textures are signed in as trends for are trending this season.

Shoes trends for the season
Golden strip: The shoes with straps and the sparkles will trend in the summer of 2013

Summer slippers: The slippers will be presented in colored versions and with spikes or studs.

Wedge heels: trendy this summer – comfortable and informal

Jump thick: The thicker heels will also be part of summer shoes.

Studs and spikes: The studs and spikes remains from winter to summer, but in hotter versions.

Neon invasion: The colors in neon will take care of the shoes in summer 2013.

Metallic: Shoes with metallic effect, will remain high in the summer in most tropical versions.

Cap toe, bright colors and rustic fabric: TCap toe remains high and the light colors and rustic fabrics come into play.

Ankle Boots: open ankle boots will be in style this summer.

Sneakers and slippers
Nautical motifs, studs, spikes, stripes, glitter and tropical prints are among the key elements highlighted. Models toe cap – a metallic tip – stand out.

Sandals and strappy flat sandals
Feminine, strappy sandals make women’s feet more sensitive for the season and presents applications with pearls and embroidery on her anklets, leather and nude tone

The tacks are: different sizes, colors and shapes, apply to several models of shoes. The glitter, however, remains high and stands out amid stones and rhinestones, sparkling with interesting optical effect. The embroideries and prints bring with floral motifs, ethnic, nautical, geometric and yes, wrapped color.

Colors and materials
Summer 2013 brings to shoes colorful hues combined with pastel colors – blue stands out combined with white or off-white, neon, detailed parts or in whole, and high, the metallized: gold, silver, copper and metallic colors such as blue, green and pink. Thus, among the diversity of materials, the heels of wood and cork rope, as well as plastic are used.

Ankle Boots, wedge heels and thick heels
Despite the predominance of shoes that leave the feet exposed, the ankle boots, for high during summer 2012, still highlighted. However, for the season, come with clippings, lighter. In turn, the wedge / wedge confirms its success as the thick heels, square, brought in metallic gold, with applications from studs and spikes and printed.

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Summer Fun Animal Print

MORE SPRING FASHION : This spring is all about bright colors, edgy graphics, and tons of accessories!

Flouncy Skirt
Bye-bye mini-skirts! This spring it's all about above-the-knee lengths and plenty of volume to twirl in.

Layered Statement Necklaces
One statement necklace is good, five statement necklaces are better

Bright Jackets

Fun Flats
Ditch last year's espadrilles and slip into some super-comfy flats! Choose a pair in a bright color with fun cutouts

Crossbody Bags
This season's bag is bright and functional! The long, crossbody strap makes for easy carrying, and the medium-sized purse means there's plenty of room for your stuff, but still forces you to stay organized.

Print Dress

Graphic Tees
Graphic tees have quickly gone from "schlumpy" to "chic!" They're a great way to show off your own personality, and can easily be dressed up for school with a high-waisted skirt and blazer.

Graphic Leggings

Denim cut-offs are so 2012. This year, choose shorts in quirky prints, like Ashley's sparkly tribal!



DUDEs Trending STYLE: Spring/Summer 2013

The Spring 2013 fashion trends for men are counting on the variety of colors
The various trends in red cover the red jacket with a bow, the traditional red robe, the cauterized suits, the plain T-shirts, etc. Each style covers each of the varying personalities. So, this spring is ready to bring in a different style for all. Rusty is also an upcoming trend that tends to suit every body type with every sort of complexion. The rusty jackets look stunning when clubbed with an off-white shirt. Not only does this trend extend its magic to the shirts but it also encapsulates the rusty trousers that you can carry to your workplace as well. Golden, orange, limeade, Spearmint, olive and many more colors will be available in spring this time.

The denim returns but with a large variety of bright colors that helps establish outstanding looks. This fashion not only covers a specific range of jackets but also jeans that are painted in red, orange and a series of bright colors. The trend extends to the funky shoes that are made with denim in a variety of colors to complement the rest of your attire.

1. Primary Colors

While electric shades dominated the runways last spring and eventually progressed to the stately jewel tones this fall, straightforward pops of primary will lighten up the color trend this spring. They look especially crisp with white, as seen at Lacoste and Nautica; and black, as seen at Michael Kors.


2. Military

Here’s a secret: You’ll always be in style if you add a little military to your wardrobe. It’s an enduring trend in men’s clothing that never really leaves because it’s always masculine and very cool. Whether you choose the camouflage shorts at J. Crew and Mark McNairy, the olive tone suits of Todd Snyder or the anoraks at Burberry Prorsum, the key to rocking the military movement is the fit. So leave those enormous fatigues from the Army/Navy store in the attic and aim for some of these.


3. Bold Accessories

Designers really went after this trend with neon kicks, unique hand-painted details, and bags big enough to fit your entire bag collection. For you, start small to liven up your look in a big way. Or if you’re accessory shy, take it down a notch and make it your own, with the simple addition of a bright watch or colored shoelaces.


4. Athletic Elements

When Ryan Lochte and Russell Westbrook start dotting the front row, it’s tough to ignore the mash up of athletics (and athletes in the form of Olympians and NBA and NFL stars this season) and fashion. Now, designers are making it easy to capture the sporty look without looking gym-bound. Make it work sans sweat in crisp windbreakers, sweatshirts, rugby stripes, and striped track pants.


5. Stripes

Stripes streaked across some unexpected places for spring. The full-on striped suits at Tommy Hilfiger were a bit bold, but subtler striations could be found on traditional ties at Parke & Ronen and button-up shirts at Dolce & Gabbana. Embrace it this spring. Even if it’s a pattern you can get behind, like any other trend, play it safe by limiting yourself to one or two striped pieces, or by sticking with a simple lightly pinstriped suit


Colored Pants

Jean-jacket distressed


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