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Celebrity Fashion Face off Swift vs Gomez
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Celebrity Fashion Face off: Taylor Swift vs Selena Gomez


 Taylor Swift Versus Selena Gomez--Red Carpet Fashion Face off [SEE SLIDESHOW AND PHOTOS]

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez may be BFF's but we can't help but compare the two especially on the red carpet.

These two are known Bff's and are well known singers. There is one thing though that most people cannot help but notice and it is their fashion sense. These two girls sure know how to light up the red carpet when strutting in their red carpet looks.

As we all know, awarding season is a just a few months away and well we would want to know who to look out on the red carpet-definitely Swift and Gomez are on the list of the lovely ladies to wait for. These two have done chic, classic, daring and lovely dresses and gowns to most of the red carpet events they have gone to, not to mention these two always sit together at these events.

Swift and Gomez are the good girls that known how to dress up and we see that there may be some competition when it comes to the red carpet.

Swift is starting to embrace her sexier and edgier side while Gomez is being the lady she wants to be. Gomez is currently on her "Stars Dance" tour while Swift had just finished with her "red" tour. The two have won awards for the music they have made and now let's see who you think knows how to wear their personalities and looks on the red carpet?

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